Professor Holds Calms Student's Baby Through Lecture

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I chose the article titled “Professor holds, calms student’s baby through lecture. I picked this article for two reasons. One being that I have been in a lecture where a student had to bring her child to class, and the other being it gives me a little faith in humanity. In this specific article a professor from Baylor University helped calm a student’s fussy four month old daughter after her babysitter fell through. He held the child through almost the entire lecture and she stayed calm the rest of the time. Although a baby could be a great distraction in a classroom, this professor was warm-hearted and welcoming of the child.
After re-reading and going over what we have been discussing this week, I’d say things have changed for the better for children. The way children are viewed and treated now is completely different from what Aries presented to us. Before reading our notes on voice thread I had never thought about childhood not being seen as a phase, even though I have
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That usually shows me the teacher has great character and can sympathize with the fact that sometimes life happens. They usually throw in there not to make it a common occurrence, but the fact that they even let it be known and allow it can be a relief to some student-parents. A lot of people could agree that it would be a disturbance to class, which is completely understandable. In the situation where the babysitter cancels on you, or the child’s school or daycare facility is closed that day, it could be the better option to bring your child to class with you rather than missing class. Especially considering some classes only allow you to miss one or two days. This article and many others like it always shine light on how many professors care about their students, and how children are accepted into this
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