Profile Assignment Analysis

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When the profile assignment was introduced to the class, I had a mini heart attack because I have never written anything like this before. I was scared to interview a person and write about them, however, it was a fun experience. It was tough deciding who I wanted to write my profile about and what I wanted the readers to know about them. After talking with Mrs. Doran, it became clear that I would interview my Aunt Lisa about her optimism and strength.
I was happy I picked Lisa Gross because I truly look up to her as a person and believe others should know how amazing she really is. Even through all of the struggles her family has been through, she was able to stay positive and raise amazing kids. I learned some new information about her during the interview, like her favorite quote and how she perceives her life. Most people would have said their life was tough and that they weren’t grateful for what they have if they were in her shoes. My Aunt Lisa wouldn’t change a thing in her life if she could because she believes that God makes everything happen for a reason. This was interesting to me because my faith is not as strong as hers.
I liked how it was a requirement to have a face-to-face interview with our subject even though it was a little out of my comfort zone. The interview was a key part of my essay because I included most of my
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I didn’t have more people peer edit my paper because I was running short on time. I wish I had another person read my paper before I turned it in, but I made sure I read over it plenty of times and I used grammarly. On the other hand, I did focus more on structural improvements in my essay this time when I edited my paper because I wanted to change the order of paragraphs and the format. I also added or fixed whole sentences rather than just specific words, which I believed made my paper sound less choppy, and more
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