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Profile Essay My best friend Leah Nepomuceno is one of the strongest people I know, especially when it comes to family. Family to her is everything and she has done all she can to try and keep hers together as a whole. We were in sixth grade swinging on the swings outside at recess, whispering and giggling about our usual gossip when she received news from one of our teachers that we knew was serious by the look on her face and fear in her voice. She came up to us and told her she needed to go the office and that she was being dismissed, she gave me permission to walk with her inside. On the short but long felt walk inside Leah's heart was pounding, her hands were sweating, and her eyes were slowly filling with tears. Her mom was…show more content…
"This hurt a lot, it was like my mom didn't care, never cared, how could she leave me with all those responsibilities I was only 15 years old" she said when I asked her how it made her feel (Nepomuceno). This was truly heart breaking to see, especially being so young and watching all of this happen to my best friend when there wasn't much I could do besides be the best friend I could. Ron soon couldn't be in the house anymore and had to be moved into a hospital with a rehab facilitation. This made it extremely hard on Leah because the hospital was an hour away limiting the time she got to spend with her dad. "I started visiting every weekend making it extremely hard for me to have a social life or a boy friend. I started getting extremely depressed which was making my attendance at school and work suffer." After Leah put herself through drivers ed and got her license she used the old car they had to make these hospital visits. The gas money was becoming a problem so she knew there was only one thing she could do, get a part time job working downtown. "I hated asking my dad for money and my mom was never there for us, so I decided to work instead of get back into track," Leah said when I asked her what she did to afford the hospital visits (Nepomuceno). Leah hated being in the hospital all the time though, she said it felt empty and always smelt like rubber gloves. When Ron was moved to a better hospital that was

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