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Paige Plantier
Profile Essay
Brother Gagon
Eng 101
10 June 2010
It’s Meatloaf Night! “Pick up the pace guys, its meatloaf night!” Exclaimed Pleasant Grove High School track coach Bill Saunders. You could see the pain and agony that the athletes were experiencing as they made their final laps around the track in attempt to finish off that day’s workout. The mid afternoon sun was beating down on the young adults and you could see tears of sweat running from their faces. Bill Saunders has been the track coach at Pleasant Grove for four consecutive seasons now and says, “There is no greater feeling of success than seeing the smiling faces of those athletes who achieve their season goals!” As the old saying goes, “Those who can’t, teach.”
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In October 2005 Bill and his wife, Keri, had been training to run in the St. George Marathon. This was going to be the last marathon that they would run before the arrival of their new son. After which Keri was going to have to take it easy from running for a while. She was due in January of 2006, but that wasn’t going to stop her from running the race. Weeks leading up to the race, the two of them were enjoying each other’s company while going on long training runs through the canyons and what not. The day of the race had finally arrived and Bill recalls feeling “especially good,” for that particular race. However, 2 hours and about 18 miles into the race, Bill tore his Achilles tendon, which removed him from the race and his running career all at the same time. He explains, “After about three surgeries and 6 months of physical therapy I was able to walk again without crutches, but running has never truly been the same for me since.” He then goes on to add, “It’s funny, out of the two of us I was sure the fat pregnant lady was going to be the one having problems that race, but no, she kicked my butt and showed me how it’s done, it was a humbling experience, and I truly love her.” That following December, Bill and Keri both graduated from Brigham Young University. Bill with a master degree in Education, and Keri with a degree in family and marriage counseling. Just a short month later they celebrated the birth of their

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