Profile Of A Leader Of Higher Education

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Profile of a Leader in Higher Education Position Description What is your position title and the name of the institution at which you are employed? Shawn Bristle, Campus Dean at Mohave Community College (MCC), Bullhead City Campus. Where does your position fit within the organizational structure or hierarchy? The hierarchy consists of the president, vice president, two college wide deans that serve the functional areas of student service and instruction and four campus deans that services the operational aspect of each campus. The college wide deans and campus deans have areas overlap. What is the scope of your leadership duties and responsibilities? One of the unusual things about MCC, I directly supervise only four people, but expected to operate as a manager and leader within a non-direct supervisory matter, which is sometimes a little awkward. Budget authority consists of campus operational budget whereas faculties falls within that scope with signing authority of $5000. Do you participate in budget meetings for our campus? I do, but how loud my voice is, can be at questioned we engage in a centralized structure, therefore it really is the central folks that make the decisions. However, if real need can be explained it could happen. How were you selected for the position you currently hold? Even though I was an internal candidate, they did a full nationwide search. I went through a significant process. There were two finalists for the Bullhead
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