Profile Of The Respondents : The Final Questionnaire

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Profile of the respondents: The final questionnaire is distributed to 320 respondents representing 56.25% are from Rajshahi University and 43.75% from Khulna University students. Among them 63.8% are male and 36.3% female respectively. Most of the visitors are in the age group of 21-25 years representing 90.3% of the respondents. Respondents less than 20 years of age are the second largest portion, representing 5% of the respondents. All of the respondents’ professional backgrounds are students of graduation and post-graduation level where 55.3% are 3rd year of graduation level. While 32.8% are in the 4rd year, 6.3% in 2nd Year, 4.7% in post-graduation level and only 0.9% are in 1st year level of graduation education. With regards to parents monthly income measures in taka, the survey reveals that 27.5% of the students report their parents monthly income in the range between 10,000tk to 20,000 tk. and 17.5% of the students’ parents earn less than 10000 tk. it denotes that most of the visitors fall in lower level income group. While 74.1% of the students are unmarried and 25% are married respectively whereas 0.9% are in others group. A large group of respondents 45% are from Khulna division which indicates that the students of Khulna division are like to visit in the beaches. At the same time 29.4% are from Rajshahi division and 1.6% is from Sylhet division. (See Appendix Table-04). The Student attitudes and beliefs for Saint Martin and Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach are 32.2 and
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