Profile of Former Russian Premier Vladimir Putin

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Profile of Former Russian Premier Vladimir Putin In 1917, the original Russian revolution began, and that ended in the Czarist regime that had ruled the country for centuries. The people believed that the cruelty that they had experienced was of such great magnitude that any system of government would be preferable. Then the Bolsheviks and Vladimir Lenin took over the reins of government. The people realized that they had just turned in one form of oppression for another. Through the years, the controls became worse under Stalin and the other leaders that would follow him until Mikhail Gorbachev began disbanding the communist government. Gorbachev gave way to the first publicly elected president, Boris Yeltsin, since the inception of modern Russia. Yeltsin proved too "erratic and gaffe prone" (Osborn, 2010), so the country elected another leader: Vladimir Putin. Candidate Background Vladimir Putin was all but unknown to the people of Russia and the rest of the world when he was placed in office by Boris Yeltsin in 1999 (Osborn, 2010). The reason for the sudden rise to power is that Yeltsin had become increasingly ill over the years prior to this happening and he needed someone who held some loyalty to him in the presidency. He chose Putting because Yeltsin had raised him from being a spy for the KGB in East Germany during the 1980's to some amount of prominence in government circles in the 1990's. Putin is known as a hard man who does not give any quarter to enemies

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