Profile of a Hate Crime Offender Essay

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Profile of a Hate Crime Offender

Sterilized from emotion, hate crime, also called bias crime, is those
offenses motivated in part or singularly by personal prejudice against
other because of a diversity-race, sexual orientation, religion,
ethnicity/national origin, or disability. Hate crimes are committed
out of anger, ignorance, and lack of knowledge of another’s ideas and
beliefs. There are many causes for an individual to commit a hate
crime. Also, many different profiles fit the description of a hate
crime offender. There are ways to prevent and control hate crimes,
but they will always be present in society as long as every person has
the right to express his or her opinion.

The term
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Hate crimes are also known by other names. The most commonly employed
of such terms is bias crime, perhaps because it accurately emphasizes
that such offenses often arise out of prejudice toward another group
of individuals. In addition, Howard Ehrlich (1990), director of the
Prejudice Institute at Townson State University has coined the term
ethno-violence to include acts that do not arise to the legal standard
of a crime, but contain an element of prejudice. These hate incidents
may, for example, include the use of ethnic slurs or the exclusion of
members of targeted groups from social activities at the workplace.

From a psychological perspective, "prejudice" refers to a negative
attitude toward individuals based on their perceived group
membership--for example, their race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual
orientation. Though as a form of discriminatory behavior, hate crimes
often have an attitudinal dimension, the relationship between
prejudice and criminal behavior tends to be complex. There is reason
to believe that certain hate offenses result from some personal bias
or hatred. In the extreme case, a hatemonger may join an organized
group in order to devote his life to destroying a group of people he
considers "inferior."

At times, certain prejudices become narrowly targeted. Because
behavioral scientists have…

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