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Clash Of Cultures

There are a lot of people around Belmont University with different concepts, different goals, different experiences, different cultures, but most important, different methods of thinking. When I realized that I would need to write a profile of someone else, I thought it would be the easiest essay that I have ever done. Contrary to my expectations, I realized that to write someone else's profile is kind of hard, because it is not only a simple thing such as just write the entire life of the person. A lot of stuff is behind the profile of a person. When I first thought about who I should interview, I was kind of lost, because I do not know a lot of people
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The guy that I am talking about is Andrew Gordon Conner, who has born on august 8 1992, and he is the person that organize my hall, and needs to maintain the organization, like a security, known here in the U.S as R.A. I knew that he was a different guy with a lot of experiences for me to know, but actually he was way more than that.
Andrew was born at Bangkok, Thailand. At the time he told me that, I became so interest to know about the culture, and all the differences between there and here. The most interesting thing about Andrew is that he has already lived in few different places and knows a lot of different cultures. He lived there in Bangkok until his six years old, and he had a good life there. He was used to live in a property where his family was the only white family in the whole building, what for me, I think it would be kind of scary, but according to him, it was kind of normal for him and his parents. His dad was used to work for a company back in Bangkok that when Andrew was six, the company changed place to Arizona, United States. With six years, he had already challenged the difficulties of change home to another country, and especially the big change of culture.
Andrew was lucky to move when he was only six, because whenever you have more then ten years and had already made a lot of friends, and had already gone to school, it would be much harder to get used to

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