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Executive Summary

For the purpose of this essay, I have taken into consider two organizations from the fast food industry. I chose McDonald 's as it is primary operator in this market and holds the highest market share. I chose Hungry Jack 's as the product they offer is similar to McDonald 's and I thought it would be interesting to compare marketing strategies of two organisations which offer a fairly similar product.

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Market Position 3 Target Markets 3 Marketing Mix 4 Product 4 Price 4 Promotion 4 Place 4 People 5 Process 5 Physical Evidence 5

Conclusion 5 References 6

1.1. Market Position

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the two-dollar burger),
• Direct marketing (through birthday clubs, etc.) and
• Publicity (McHappy Day)
Hungry Jack 's promotion efforts are not quite as ferocious. They tend to just maintain awareness through television advertising and billboards. They occasionally use sales promotion to persuade customers to try new products. Hungry Jack 's also use direct marketing through 'Kids ' Clubs '.

1.3.4. Place

McDonald 's and Hungry Jack 's have very similar "place" components. McDonald however holds a different place in the consumer 's mind. This is due to the image built through promotion (price is fairly similar). McDonald 's is seen more as a fun place for children through tools such as Ronald Mc Donald, while Hungry Jack 's is seen more as merely a place to eat.
1.3.5. People

Both McDonald 's and Hungry Jack 's use their staff to emphasise a "friendly" environment and to promote the: "service" element of the product. Staff adopts the ideal that "the customer is always right". People are ultimately part of the product; therefore they must perform to customer expectations. This is an approach that is constant throughout any service industry. 1.3.6. Process

Both organizations have processes such as Drive-thru, EFTPOS, Dine-In, WiFi facility that is seen as a convenience, makes the product easier to consume.

1.3.7. Physical Evidence

For McDonald 's and Hungry Jack 's a
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