Profiling By Sherman Alexie 's Flight Patterns

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Profiling people can cause a brick wall to be built between one another; a wall that cannot easily be knocked down. The person that is doing the profiling has to take the bricks down one-by-one as if each brick reveals information, beyond physical appearance. Once the wall is down a transparent window forms with a beautiful view. There is more to a person than their exterior and class, just like there is more to room then walls. When profiling someone, people do not look past the brick wall; they build it higher and higher. When someone takes the time to get to know someone else the wall comes downs; at that time, people get a clear view of who people are, which could be beautiful. Profiling causes people to become engulfed by other people 's perceptions of who they are and becomes a conflict between racial heritage and human nature. Through the characters, setting, and tone of “Flight Patterns,” Sherman Alexie shows that profiling can lead to the misinterpretation of who someone is. Alexie shows a vivid picture of William, who is the main character of the story, he is a loving father, husband, and businessman who cares about his appearance; which means he cares about what people think of him, and he knows people profile him. His wife is a loving, carefree women; which is entirely opposite of William. She does not care what people think of her. In addition, William is Native Indian; he has dark skin and his long hair that he keeps in a lovely braid, which is a symbol of his

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