Profit Maximization vs Wealth Maximization

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A PROJECT REPORT ON “PROFIT MAXIMIZATION V/S WEALTH MAXIMIZATION” Submitted to In requirement of partial fulfillment of Master of Business Administration (MBA) Submitted on Submitted by PREFACE As a part of the curriculum of the MBA Program of the _________________, the students are required to undergo project work in addition to their theoretical study so as to enable them to have the knowledge of theoretical aspects taught in the class room with its practical application. As students of management it is learning experience to analyze an industry. It is the most essentials tools for us to expose our skill as a future responsible managerial post. The preparation of this project report is based on the financial analysis of annual…show more content…
|Characteristics |19 | | |Merits |21 | | |Demerits |23 | | | | | | |Critics and defense of Wealth Maximization |24 | | |( C) IS PROFIT MAXIMIZATION BETTER THAN WEALTH MAXIMIZATION |25 | |3 |ANALYTICAL APPROACH |27 | | | METHODOLOGY | | | |Objective of study | | | |Methodology | | | |Scope of the Study | | |
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