Profit Vist Non Profit

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Introduction Whenever looking at financials, a certain level of accountability and understanding is needed to be able to have great measurability of success. That is the case for any individual especially when applying this thought of rational to a business or corporation even more accountability, understanding, and most importantly precision are needed to successfully bring in as well as continue financial sustainability. When dealing within a corporation there are many levels to adhere to within the financial everyday aspects of the corporation being ran with precision. So what happens when an organization is not ran financially like a corporation yet deals with almost the same kind of aspects? A non-profit organization can be one…show more content…
So how can that definition be taken in? Is a non-profit organization just a business trying to avoid paying taxes? That could be the case though let us delve a little deeper. Recognizing Non-Profit Organizations Taking a look at non-profit organizations will breed a sense of familiarity. Five of the most known and recognizable non-profits are National Public Radio (NPR), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Human Rights Watch (HRW), Wiki Leaks, and Green Peace. These are all organizations we have come across with familiarity, with maybe the exception of Green Peace. As any avid listener of National Public Radio I can attest to the programs being run on the basis of callers calling in and pledging donations to help keep certain programs as well as the station afloat. Some of these other organizations are also based upon donation interaction, however, to label their financial situation as strictly donation base would be an ignorant train of thought. All of these organizations do a great job acquiring revenue to help the operation of the organization. Financial Stability Being financially stable is an issue of any organization or corporation. This is an issue touched on by Padilla, Staplefoote, and Morganti as they state the following “the definition of financial sustainability may
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