Progeria Essay

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Progeria is a rare, fatal, genetic condition that comes from the Greek word progeros meaning prematurely old. In the greek language, the word ‘pro’ means before and the word ‘geras’ means old age. Another name for progeria is Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome. Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS) was first described in 1886 by Dr. Jonathan Hutchinson and also in 1897 by Dr. Hastings Gilford in 1897 – both in England. Hutchinson- Gilford Progeria Syndrome is reported about 1 in 8 million newborns (Parker 16). Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome equally affects both sexes and races of children and gives them an appearance of rapid aging (Nordqvist 1). The symptoms of this disease show around eighteen to twenty-four months of…show more content…
Also, diagnostic lab testing is done from blood and skin samples of progeria children to take a close look at the DNA. Now that scientists know that progeria is usually caused by a change of one letter in the billions of letters in DNA, that change can be seen using a genetic testing. During the genetic sequencing, the gene is “decoded” and its sequence is determined letter by letter ( With only sixty-eight people reported in the world with this disease, progeria is caused by a change in the DNA in the gene called LMNA. The LMNA gene produces a protein called Lamin A, which structure holds the nucleus of a cell together. Researchers came to the belief that with the defective Lamin A protein, it makes the nucleus unstable leading to the rapid aging. As of 2012, Progeria Research Foundation provided over 3 million dollars for progeria related research projects performed in many states and in 6 other countries. As of right now, there are not any treatments to help cure progeria but there are some medications to help some of the problems such as arthritic, respiratory, and cardiovascular problems and to help make people living with progeria more comfortable. Doctors suggest that children with Progeria take aspirin to help with their heart health. Once the child has hypertension, strokes or seizures, the child will take medicines similar to what adults would take for these
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