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AMERICAN INTERCONTINENTAL UNIVERSITY-ONLINE UNIT 3 INDIVIUAL PROJECT MKTG 205 – PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING OCTOBER 21, 2012 Abstract There are several people on medications many of them have no job or have jobs but are living pay check to paycheck. With knowing this Sanofi is a company that strives to provide the assistant and health information needed to all our consumers. We not only want to provide them with free medication but we want to provide those that don’t qualify for the free program assistant with obtaining the medication they need. Keywords: Lantus, Sanofi, distribution, Medicare Part D, and copay Program Assistant Introduction Sanofi is a leading pharmaceutical company for many medications including Lantus…show more content…
Determine Channel Members with Explanation Knowing our consumer and with the great success of our current program will continue to channel members through indirect distribution using our sales representatives, pharmacies, physician offices by continuing to make them aware of the available assistant Sanofi has to offer their patients. Also by advertising our new programs on the provider portal so that any of the physician offices that are registered on the site may also be aware of the new programs we have to offer. Discuss How Many Channel Members with Explanation Sanofi deals with many different consumers of all races, ages, and geographical areas. We have decided to use both intensive and exclusive. This way we can get our program information out to all consumers but they will only be able to sign up for our program through pharmacies and their physician offices. Since having to be unable the care of a license medical provider is one of the requirements for the program we can then be sure that if the physician is referring the patient to our program they are being seen by that particular physician. With our pharmacies as well as physician Sanofi will not deliver directly to the patient home so having the patient go through their local pharmacy or physician also guarantee’s the orders will be delivered to one of our sites. Channel Organization Multichannel marketing system would be a recommended channel organization simply because the use
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