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Program Being Evaluated The program being evaluated in this paper is an intervention program that is used with Tier 2 students who need more intensive reading instruction. The program is called Enhanced CORE. It is designed to correlate with the district purchased reading curriculum called Journeys published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The program is designed to pre-teach students skills that they will be learning during the core instruction time period in order to give them extra exposure to the curriculum as well as extra practice with phonics and fluency skills. Consequently, students are getting a preview of all the phonics skills, high frequency words and reading practice before it is taught to the whole class in order to help…show more content…
The goal for this program is to move students who are performing in the 10th percentile or below up into the 26th percentile or higher by the end of the year. This would place them in the group considered to be on grade level or proficient on their normed assessments. The goal of this intervention program is to help fill in learning gaps of students and help them be stronger readers and perform proficiently on class assignments and standardized tests. Target Audience The group of students being presented this intervention program are lower performing readers. Data from multiple measures is collected early on in the school year. All students are given universal screeners to see what intervention they would most likely benefit from according to what skills gaps they currently have. The data is collected from a STAR Reading test, a one minute timed reading fluency inventory, as well as teacher classroom observation and assessment data. As the first two measures are normed assessments, the students all receive a percentile rank. The students who fall in the 10th percentile or below show they are in need of intensive targeted intervention. They are placed into a small group of up to 6 students to participate in this intervention called Enhanced Core. Once identified as needing targeted intervention, these students are also given a CORE Phonics survey which gives the teachers specific data about what phonic skills they are missing exactly.
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