Program Design And Methods Of The Foundation Essay

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Program Design & Methods The Kids 4 Kids Foundation, The San Diego County Office of Education and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital have form a strategic alliance that would benefit each partnership tremendously. With the strategic alliance Kids 4 Kids Foundation has built, it will insure that the participating school and the participating hospital have a smooth exchange of pen pal letters.The Kids 4 Kids Foundation will consist of Executive Director, Human Resources Director, Program Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Community Outreach Coordinator and Volunteers. Executive Director, is responsible for the operation and overall management of the foundation. The will also oversee financial management which will include speaking to sponsor/donors, securing and managing funds for the program. They will also be required to establish, secure and maintain partnerships with hospitals and school districts. Human Resources Director, will responsible for recruiting staff, hiring staff and implementing work policies and procedures for the staff. They will ensure that the program runs smoothly by making sure the programs complies with federal, state, school and hospitals regulations.They will also handle HR issues like discipline, employees benefits and labor relations. Program Manager, will be in charge of designing, managing and evaluating programs. The will be require to managing everyday activities, oversee and communicate with all of the staff members and report to the
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