Program For A Renewed Environment At Jersey County

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Program for a Renewed Environment in Jersey County Part 2 Identifying concerns of a community is crucial to designing a program to improve the quality of a community. Priorities will then need to be established for environmental health performance standards for the control of pollution to the air, water, land and any other source that may be exposed. This plan will ensure that Jersey County standards and priorities follow the guidelines set by the EPA. Contacting each agency, leader, or business and explaining the need for the program by educating them on the current issues, health risks, and the adverse effects on the environment. Explaining the programs short-term and long-term goals coupled with the need for a diverse team in order…show more content…
One issue that needs to be examined and improved is car emissions. Jersey country is a rural area that does not require emission testing on motor vehicles. Without emissions regulations is Jersey it allows for the release of exhaust gas, or flue gas, to be emitted as a result of the combustion of gasoline, this is a major contributor to smog. There are studies from World Health Organization that provides information on diesel fumes causing lung cancer (WHO, 2012). Another issue is the toxins that reach the waterways and cause contamination. With the majority of the area being farmland the toxin levels in water is not regulated on a regular basis. The toxins come from chemicals used to treat crops, pesticides, and animal waste. All of the aforementioned can be hazardous to the community and the environment. More stringent regulations are needed, there is a lack of guidelines for regular testing of such issues. Contamination of waterways is not just via runoffs from farms, it can also be contributed to flooding. In the Jersey area flooding is an issue every year. This will also need to include the Army Corp of Engineers. There will be a hiccup in funding the program and ensuring it is able to succeed. Illinois is a state that is suffering from financial burdens. According to the city data there is a 15.5% of the population that does not receive a high

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