Program Impact : Act Against Aids Essay

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Program Impact Act Against AIDS plays a fundamental role in the war on HIV when considering, the program “has reached 2.6 billion media impressions through Web videos, donated media space, radio, TV, and advertising across the country” (NPIN, 2015, para. 2). The AAA takes into account numerous measures to track and evaluate the progress of the vast array of campaigns, which fall under the AAA umbrella. These methods include Web activity, the amount of material distributed, events (number of attendees), and media impressions. The AAA has had an incredible impact by bringing the important message of HIV prevention into the living rooms of all Americans. Notably, a message can resonate with persons of all backgrounds, thereby prompting them to act. Subsequently, these actions or reactions resulting from the message can inspire individuals to seek additional resources, get tested or take precautions going forward, all measures that are pivotal to bringing an end to HIV.
Collaborative Partnerships and Contributions All campaigns, programs or intervention initiatives are dependent on the strength and support of stakeholders. In the absence of such cooperative bonds, the achievement of objectives cannot come to fruition. With that said, “one of the most exciting aspects of AAA is the leadership role prominent national non-profits are taking in reaching their communities with life-saving HIV prevention messages” (CDC, 2013, p. 3). Act Against AIDS achieves such results through…

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