Program Introduction. I Interview The Brenda. She Is The

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Program Introduction I interview the Brenda. She is the Center Manager for Episcopal Children Services Peck Head Start. This is a program in Nassau County, FL. They provides full-day center-based early learning to children ages 3-5 years of old. They have two classrooms of 20 children. Their program provides comprehensive services in the areas of health, mental health, and nutrition, disabilities and parent and community engagement, in addition to early childhood education as part of a complete approach to school readiness. They have a population of 75, 00.00 people. The county that this program is in has an estimated poverty ratio of 691 families. The county is made up of the following races White – 78%, Black – 15%, and Hispanic –…show more content…
She had an average on 1 or 2 parents. She now has an average on 12-15 parents. She said that her next goal would be male involvement. She is currently working with a program called “Responsible Fatherhood”. They hold different events at her center, such as doughnuts with dad or dad and I art class. She said that the dads, grandparents and uncles do show up, but unless she has another male leading the conversation, then she does not get listen to. When asked why she thinks this is she said “It’s a culture thing in the Spanish culture women do not run anything. They are not the providers”. When looking at the school they have a large population of Hispanic’s. In this culture she states that education is not important, so that means she has many parents that did not get passed elementary school because in their country when they became strong enough to go to work they left school and when to work, so when you speak with them about their child’s education or the important of coming to school they do not see what the big deal is. The other struggle is if a child is not born in this county then they do not have access to medical, dental verses the ones that were born here. They can get on medical and they qualify for many different government assist programs. Lastly the families have to trust you before they will speak with you. It is a very underground culture due to the fact they do not speak the language and they are
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