Program Planning Model

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In community nursing, nurses function in much the same way as they would with one client when promoting health and preventing disease, except they must think on a larger scale. Nurses can have a more immediate interaction and feedback with one client in a health care setting. In a community setting, there needs to be additional time for planning and evaluation before the community can utilize the feedback.
Strategies that nurses can execute to promote health and prevent disease in a rural community include defining the problem, performing a needs assessment, implementing a program evaluation and completing research (Rural Assistance Center, 2015). Research and needs assessment can show how to get the most out of resources that are available (Rural Assistance Center, 2015). Program evaluations determine whether current health care interventions are working (Rural Assistance Center, 2015). Prior to starting any new project, there should be a needs assessment or program evaluation (Stanhope, 2013). A basic program planning model will start by identifying the problem (population and needs) and the number of people who may be served by the program or not be served by the program (Stanhope, 2013) . The model will also identify the size and distribution of the population involved in the
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Data collection can occur with surveys, interviews, observations, abstraction of data from existing records, or compilation of data from secondary sources (Rural Assistance Center, 2015). Health research can be part of program related evaluations or part of studies that lead to policy changes. This research can also affect the type of medical services available in rural areas or number of healthcare facilities available to rural populations (Rural Assistance Center,
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