Program Structure And Resources For Business Administration

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Program Structure and Resources There are some general facts that are good to know when it comes achieving “the highest academic degree one can earn in the business administration field within the United States and several other countries.” (Schweitzer, 2016) As we dive into the discussions of program structure and resources, allow me to share several insights personally obtained throughout this week’s Case Assignment. What Is A Ph.D. Degree in Business Administration? First, it might be helpful to know that the formal title, Doctor of Philosophy, is often presented in the abbreviated forms of, Ph.D. or PhD. To hold such a title, regardless of the condensed or full-length reference, is an indicator that one has contributed towards and…show more content…
D. Dissertation Handbook, 2015-2016) How is a Ph. D. Different from a Doctor of Business Administration? One way to comprehensively evaluate the differences of a Doctor of Philosophy from a Doctor of Business of Philosophy is to understand some overlapping facts of their backgrounds. Therefore, let us briefly compare a few of the basics, starting with the titles. Just as the Doctor of Philosophy can be abbreviated, the Doctor of Business of Philosophy is also often seen abbreviated, but instead, as DBA, D.B.A., DrBA, or Dr.B.A.. The PhD and DBA embrace programs which support and direct intellectuals to develop creatively-advanced research, leading to a defensive dissertation. Or, in other words, they are “generally designed to prepare students for academic careers, either in teaching or research or both.” (DBA vs. PhD in Business Administrations Programs, n.d.) One major difference between PhD and DBA is that a DBA “is a research doctorate awarded on the basis of advanced study and research in the field of business administration. (Research of Doctorate Degrees, 2012) In addition, the Ph.D “is highly focused on developing theoretical knowledge”, while the D.B.A. “emphasizes applied research” (Research of Doctorate Degrees, 2012) More specifically, as Dr. Sherrie Lewis stated (and is cited in reference (Erskine, 2013)) a

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