Programmable Circuits And The Electrical System Essay

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Have you ever heard about how electricity are distribute into the electrical system? There have to be circuits that are programmable by a computer in order to make the circuit to perform the right task. For example there are programmable circuits that allow traffic light to change color. Each color is programed for a certain time to change color. For example a red light might change to green after couple of minutes. An electrical machine without circuits will not work because there is nothing that is programmed in the machine. A programmed light switch is programed for people to turn on or off the lights. If lights circuits are not programed to switch the light on, than there might be something wrong with the circuits or it needs to be of the most thing that requires a lot if circuit programing is cars because cars need to have enough of circuits to distribute the electricity to keep the engine ruing. Drivers and passages airbags requires a lot of circuits programing because the programmable electrical circuits allow an airbag to diploid in accidents. An un-programmable circuits will not make the air bag get diploid because there is not enough electrical power to move the airbag. Elections must flow directly through the wires. In order for the election to flow through a wire, there must be an indicate number of capacity in order for the electron to go through the wires. For example. If there is a big marble and a tube analogy, both the mutable and the tube
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