Programming Language Essay

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Conduct an internet search on programming languages. Identify a language that is compiled and compare the features of this language with Python, which is an interpreted language. Discuss the advantage and disadvantages of each and provide one example each of where interpreted and compiled languages would be most appropriate

A compiler is a program that translates a high-level language program into a separate machine language program.
Compiled languages are always supposed to be fast because of their direct execution by the computer
Large softwares and million dollar projects are often written in compiled languages because of the speed and performance they offer
C++ is object oriented programming language and it is a very simple and easy
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In C++ programming 'break and BREAK' both are different.
If any language treats lower case latter separately and upper case latter separately than they can be called as case sensitive programming language [Example c, c++, java, .net are sensitive programming languages.] other wise it is called as case insensitive programming language [Example HTML, SQL is case insensitive programming languages].
Compiler based
C++ is a compiler based programming language that means without compilation no C++ program can be executed. First we need compiler to compile our program and then execute.
Syntax based language
C++ is a strongly tight syntax based programming language. If any language follow rules and regulation very strictly known as strongly tight syntax based language. Example C, C++, Java, .net etc. If any language not follow rules and regulation very strictly known as loosely tight syntax based language.
Example HTML.
Efficient use of pointers
Pointers is a variable which hold the address of another variable, pointer directly direct access to memory address of any variable due to this performance of application is improve. In C++ language also concept of pointer are available.
The Python language uses an interpreter, which is a program that both translates and xecutes the instructions in a high-level language program
Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive and object-oriented scripting language. Python is
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