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Introduction There is a plethora of different development programming languages, known as paradigms, available to a software designer. I intend to explore some of these models and discuss why a developer would choose one over another to accomplish a specific task. Object oriented programming. This is a self-contained, yet abstract programming language, which is easy to maintain. There are many advantages of object-oriented programming abbreviated in the industry to OOP. One of these is that it allows the reuse of code keeping up an applications sustainability and preservation. This enables you not to have to regenerate application code to use again in other information systems. If you were a competent and experienced software…show more content…
An example of this style is Java script. A developer may choose to use Java script to add to the dynamism of websites. Typically, educational establishments would incorporate this as an update of visual basic the initial simplistic system. Procedural programming language This is a linear, straightforward method of software development where code is easy to read or understand. It is generally faster than OOP as it chronicles programme flow and does not search for unstructured patterns unlike the object-oriented counterpart. Furthermore, its characteristics are modular meaning it is less confusing to the inexperienced developer. Its construction is flexible as the interface is standardised, easily assembled. Because of this, minimal effort is required to carry out maintenance and repair. The aim of procedural programming is to break down a task in to variables and sub-routines so the rational distribution of code takes place in an organised and incremental manner. On the contrary, tasks in the object-oriented style are broken up in to objects suiting the more spontaneous designer. For a composition to class as a piece of procedural programming, your project should have syntax and a list of commands to follow. Furthermore, a mathematician may appreciate this because the use of number symbols is a typical attribute. An example of this style is FORTRAN, or formula translator, indicating the logical emphasis to this make-up. Event driven programming
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