Programming Solution Proposal Essay

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Programming Solution Proposal Crystal Wright PRG/210 September 19, 2011 Christopher Stott Programming Solution Proposal “New York Freelance Technology is a web based organization affiliated with Montana Freelance Technology and GMR Web Services that continues to give you quality hosting at an affordable cost.” (New York Freelance Technology, 2011) Not only does NY Freetech perform web specific tasks, they also handle numerous person to person tasks such as custom computer building, videography and DVD authoring. Their web related tasks include web design, web development, graphics design, web hosting and DNS (domain name system). One thing NY Freetech does not have is a support forum for their customers. To contact customer…show more content…
Write down the database name because it will be needed by the web developer. After creating the database, click on it choose set database permissions and choose a user for that database and set the permissions for that database user for that database. Make note of the user name and password for that user to pass to the developer as well. That will all be needed for the forum install. For the file permissions, in webmin choose the others tab and click file manager. Navigate to the forum folder and set the permissions for the files stated in the readme section of the forum software. When this is done, the web developer can create a link on the main page to the forum. When this is done the developer can then navigate in their browser to the location of the forum as noted in the forum software readme. The install page will come up and ask for the database name user and password. After that it will ask a few questions so it can run its install script to configure everything. When it is done it will ask for a forum administrator username and password. At this stage the developer can test the forum and code the theme files of the forum to make it match the look and feel of the website. Now that the roles of the personnel involved must play, we can go over the steps of the development cycle to make sure everything is done in a modular fashion. The first part of the program development cycle has been done. We have already
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