Programs That Help Convicts Return Of The Community

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Programs That Help Convicts Return to the Community A broad range of information and support programs are offered to guide convicted criminals released from federal and state prisons and jails prepare for their reentrance into society. These programs’ main aim is to equip prisoners with skills and information to assist them in their transition from prison into the community and help them survive life outside of prison. These curriculums offer a lot of relevant knowledge according to each prisoner’s situation. This process phase of the development is called “Protect and Prepare” (Corrections, Pg. 141).They include education, rehabilitation, transitional work programs, and housing programs. According to James S. Vacca (2004), educational credentials are very essential if one has to secure employment in the competitive economy that we are in today. A larger number of the convicted prisoner’s in United States’ penitentiary have very low levels of education achievements. This makes it challenging in securing employment after they are released. Presented by Amy Solomon, it is expressed that “53% of Hispanic inmates, 44% of black inmates, and 27% of white inmates have not completed high school or obtained a GED” (Corrections pg. 142). Educational and vocational training programs offered in prisons have shown to be useful in helping inmates to get back into the society. Correctional training programs usually provide imprisoned individuals with the knowledge and skills

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