Progress In Social Work

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The objective of this session was to revisit goals and gauge the client’s progress. The social worker was supposed to identify how the progress had been tracked over six weeks, and identify the client’s observable behavior changes. The social worker was also supposed to identify and discuss any obstacles or barriers that the client came across during her time in the assisted living facility. The Process Observer The social worker applied appropriate knowledge when discussing a progress interview. The social worker had to think back about when her and the client first started. She stated goals that the client wanted to overcome during her time in the facility, and asked how she felt her progress was going. They had been working together for six weeks, so they had a lot of time to discuss issues that were going on and revisit them weeks later to see…show more content…
At the end of the film, the social worker summarized what they discussed in terms of progress and recapped how she felt Susan was feeling about her situation (Kadushin & Kadushin, 1997). Conclusion There were a few things the social worker could have done differently in this interview. There were other times throughout the interview that she could have reflected feelings, and paraphrased what Susan was saying. The social worker mostly got stuck on the same tracks of using head nods and “yeah,” or “mhmm.” At those moments she could have used silence, or time to paraphrase or reflect. Also, when Susan talked about her depression and why she didn’t want to be on the medication. She could have reflected her feelings more in that moment, or have Susan describe more of why she was feeling that way. It almost got skimmed over and the social worker tried to resolve it right away without reflecting on
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