Progression Of Late Life Romantic Relationships

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Progression of Late Life Romantic Relationships Malta and Farquharson (2014) conducted this research study in order to explore the formation and progression of late life romantic relationships of 45 (21 Men and 24 Women) Australian participants who were over the age of 60 and in a romantic relationship that began recently. These participants were recruited online and through ads posted in the local newspaper and radio. The researchers conducted in-depth qualitative interviews that lasted at least an hour but no more than 2 hours. The researchers recognized that this was a convenience sample so the results cannot be generalized to the entire population of older adults. The transcripts for each interview were then coded and analyzed for major and sub themes. After the interviews were analyzed, it was found that although all the participants wanted meaningful long-term relationships, 20 participants were engaging in short and casual relationships while the other 25 were developing long-term relationships. These older adults valued an egalitarian relationship that is based on mutual intimacy but they did not want to settle for something less than what they wanted which caused some of them to continue casually until they found what they were looking for. Online dating access allowed these individuals to have a greater pool of prospects which is something that was not available to this particular population years ago. Those who were in committed relationships chose to live…
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