Progression of Black Masculinity

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Nearly every decade consists of at least one film that helps to define the development of a generation. The film is able to paint a clear enough picture that not only captures the cultural aspects of the generation but also portrays the social implications and complexities associated with the environment the culture thrives in. In regards to the genre of hip hop and rap and its relationship with black life and urban imagery for example, Cooley High may be representative for a generation that was in their 20’s during the debut of the movie. The next generation of the 1980’s would most likely be able to understand the interworking’s of the movie Krush Groove whereas the generation of the 1990’s would more than likely link themselves to such films as New Jack City and Juice. These films depicting the rise of black boys to black men were in rarity during their debut and because of the popular actors and underlining themes in them have had a significant long lasting impact on people of color as well as young white Americans that have been somewhat interested in the everyday struggle of their inner city counterparts. Through a careful analysis of films such as Krush Groove depicting black life in the 1980’s to the urban imagery displayed in the 1990’s movies of Juice and New Jack City the progression of the portrayal of young black males can be observed as well as the difference in viewpoints on black humanity, and stereotypes. Minorities have overcome significant hurdles in the
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