Progressive Era And Liberal Era

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DBQ Progressive Era Essay Many citizens throughout the Progressive Era believed no changes occurred in the society because the press did not write about the changes and the Woman’s Suffrage Movement did not change either. However, changes such as the government changing, both the labor and meat inspection reforms, and trusts reforms indeed brought about change, noticeable or not. Therefore, the Progressive era brought great social, political, and economic change by bettering the overall lives of the common people. Most people believed that no change occurred during the Progressive era because half the population were women and they were concerned about their right to vote, and the Women’s Suffrage Movement which didn’t change much. Also, many people believed no changes occurred because the press and newspaper did not release many articles about all the changes that were occurring due to the numerous conflicts that were going on during the time. Although, these two things were true about the Progressive era, it still brought about many changes in the society rather than continuations. The Progressive era started with the Spanish American War and ended with World War I. Even though these were the two main conflicts during the time there were also many other minor conflicts that the U.S. had to deal with. Throughout the era the U.S. was trying to gain more power through imperialism, which was shown by the efforts to annex foreign lands such as the Philippines. Overall,
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