Progressive Era Essay

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The Progressive Era
The progressive era was a time period in America after reconstruction that took place from 1900 to 1920. The progressive era focused mainly on social and political reform, trying to fix America's economy by working towards equal conditions for individuals, stopping political corruption and increasing government intervention on social and economic issues. Progressivists were social activists and political reformers working to improve conditions and the treatment of the American people. The progressive era was successful in the fight to reform the United States by improving industrialization, urbanization cities, and reforming America's social and gender classes.
Industrialization during the progressive era had rapidly
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Urbanization in the progressive era was a huge factor, with millions of immigrants flocking to America for jobs. African americans flooded north also in search of jobs. Cities exploded outward and upward, condensing people into building and houses. This, given the time was highly unsanitary, with waste and filth in the streets, disease spread rapidly. Pollution caused poor living conditions often crowded and unsafe. Often there was little clean water or paved roads for transportation. Many people in the city's began to push for urban reformers. A Progressive reformer named Jane Addams stepped up and opened one of the first settlement houses in Chicago with Ellen Gates Starr, which greatly helped out local immigrants by producing education and even social services. Many reformers supported laws that would improve living conditions in the center city and fought to get rid of political corruption, which had been widely spreading.
During the progressive era social, racial, and gender boundaries limited the country. The progressive era kick started the modern American middle class. One of the progressivists and socialists main goals was to reform the social society. They wanted to provide education and a safe place for people to work, live and learn. A well known progressive governor named Robert La Follette was the leader of a progressive movement called the ´laboratory of democracy´ and by 1900, thirty-one states required children go to

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