Progressive Era Essay

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The Progressive Era turned into an unprecedented time of social activism and political development amid which convincing open issues constrained significant changes in the part of government and presidential authority. The goals of the Progressives were to “attack corrupt political bosses and irresponsible corporate barons” (Shi and Tindall 937). Progressives wanted the government to be honest, efficient, to regulate businesses, and for the low-income workers to have a better way of life. “Millions of “progressives” believed that America was experiencing a “crisis of democracy” because of the urban-industrial revolution” (Shi and Tindall 937). Poverty created the initiative for churches, charitable organizations, experts, and individuals to stand up and take action due to the unsafe working conditions of children working in mines and factories. The actions to progressively create labor laws expand beyond the role of the government because someone had to take control. Amos Pinchot, a progressive attorney and reformer said, “Corruption was destroying our respect for government, uprooting faith in political parties, and causing every precedent and convention of the old order to strain at its moorings” (Shi and Tindall 937). This was due partly because of the Progressives arguing over the rapid changes that occurred in United States (US) since the end of the Civil war. One example was the gap between the rich and the poor kept increasing. The Progressives sought out to

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