Progressive Era vs New Deal Essay examples

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New Deal vs. Progressive Era During both the Progressive era and the New Deal era, policies as well as programs were being created in an effort to assist the American public, specifically those living in poverty. Throughout the early 1900’s Roosevelt had strayed away from the typical laissez-faire policy and decided that the people would need to be guided by the government. “Wilsonian Progressivism” had also aimed at assisting the public with his “New Freedom Program” which consisted of antitrust legislation, banking reform as well as tariff reductions. After the stock market crashed in 1929, America had fallen into a Great Depression resulting in the unemployment of millions. Newly elected Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to present his…show more content…
Franklin Roosevelt had also battled private companies when he established the Tennessee Valley Authority which had determined how fair the rates being charged by private companies for electricity were. The New Deal legislation had led to an increased union membership and the winning of better wages and rights for the labor force. Both era’s had also decided to create a new banking system in order to help the economy and thus the public. Wilson created the Federal Reserve Act/Board which appointed twelve regional reserve districts each with its own central bank. The board was able to create paper money backed by commercial paper in order to make sure the amount of money in circulation could be increased as needed. Franklin Roosevelt similarly established the Glass Steagal Banking Reform Act which spawned the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation which insured that there were individual deposits up to $5000. The act had ended the bank failures and saved the money of many unemployed. The two era’s had always attempted to assist the farmers. Wilson made credit available to farmers at low rates of interest with the Federal Farm Loan Act of 1916, as well as authorized loans on the security of staple crops with the Warehouse Act of 1916. The New Deal had created the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 which made millions of dollars available to help farmers meet their
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