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Progressive Essay

Chapter twenty-four - Wilson Progressivism at Home and Abroad, 1912- - 1916, in “The American Spirit”, by Kennedy and Bailey, deals with the presidential election of Woodrow Wilson and the changing perspective of government involvement in the US economy and society. Wilson dealt with diplomatic crises around the world and with our neighbor – Mexico. In chapter thirty - The War to End War, 1917 – 1918, in the Kennedy/Bailey book, the US tried to stay neutral as war broke out in Europe. But, our actions spoke louder than our word. We were pro Allies and anti-central powers, which was Germany and Austria-Hungry. We walked a careful path because we did not know which side our immigrant population would land. In
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224). Wilson represents the conservative idea of equality and the pursuit of happiness on page 226, when he says, “America was created in order that every man should have the same chance as every other man to exercise mastery over his own fortunes…” (Kennedy/Bailey, pg. 226). Wilson is representing the idea of the United States not being willing to back down due to honor when he says, “this government has no alternative, consistent with the dignity and honor of the United States, but to take the course which… it announced that it would take….” (Kennedy/Bailey, pg. 241). When Roosevelt challenges Wilson’s point of “diplomacy shall proceed always frankly and in the public view”, with saying, “if he means what he says, he will at once announce what open covenant of peace he has openly arrived at with these two little republics, which he has deprived of their right of self-determination”, it represents the conservative idea of the government not keeping decisions private, (Kennedy/Bailey, pg. 251). In Wilsons third point, he promises “free trade among all the nations”, which can be closely related to the view on trade from a conservative standpoint. Like conservative ideas, Wilson believed that

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