Progressives Were Groups Of Reformers

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Progressives were groups of reformers dedicated to improve the social and the political problems in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They live generally in the towns, were well instructed professionals, and thought the government could be an instrument for the transformation. They started a social movement that turned into a political movement. Unfortunately, the remainder of the population was subject to law incomes, long working hours, risky industrial tools, and unprincipled employers. Progressives believed the problems (poverty, violence, greed, racism, class warfare) that the society faced could best be directed by offering good education, a safe environment, and an efficient workplace. In the words of historian Howard Zinn, the Progressives worked to “stabilize the capitalist system by repairing its worst defects. 2and restore some measure of class peace in a time of increasingly bitter clashes between capital and labor” (Zinn 354). The progressive tried to reform the United States; however, they were incapable to make significant changes and improve the labors of the working class. The social structure in America pushed people around because the opportunities were not equals. The social in America was not favorable for the vast majority of tenant farmers, factory workers, slum dwellers, miners, farm laborers, working men and women, black and white. Robert Wiebe sees in the Progressive movement an attempt by the system to adjust to

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