Prohibition Failure II : Marijuana

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Prohibition Failure II: Marijuana The fight to legalize marijuana has been waged for decades and it’s about time that we find a resolution. I’m not a supporter of marijuana, I detest the culture associated with the drug and have no interest in consumption of the drug. But the effects of enforcing laws outlawing marijuana have done more harm than good in the US. The United States imprisons too many minorities due to minor drug infractions, the costs of enforcing these laws are too high, and the government is missing out on tax opportunities due to the current drug laws. The drug laws in the United States are unreasonable and negatively impact minorities. Christopher Ingraham’s Washington Post article "Every Minute, Someone Gets Arrested for Marijuana Possession in the U.S." states that “In 2014, at least 620,000 people were arrested for simple pot possession,” (Ingraham). Yet, a Gallup poll by Jeffrey M. Jones finds that “58% of Americans surveyed believed that marijuana should be legalized,” (Jones). It begs the question, why are so many Americans incarcerated for something that most Americans believe should be legalized? Marijuana arrests also negatively affect minorities. An article from the American Civil Liberties Union states that “Black people and White people use marijuana at similar rates, yet Blacks are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession compared to White people.” A statistic found in “Breaking Down Mass Incarceration in the 2010…
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