Prohibition Of The Use Of Marijuana

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Topic: Prohibition of the use of Marijuana General purpose: to argue Specific purpose: to squabble that the use of marijuana is very harmful to the health of the students and young persons and government should prohibit the use of it in USA. Thesis Statement: the use of marijuana should be prohibited as 1) it is disturbing the health of the students. 2) Due to its use, many students are unable to do extremely well in their studies. 3) Their future is being ruined due to its use. Introduction I. (Attention getter)The following statement of Kofi Annan Ghanaian Diplomat who served as the 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations “The main point in [our] report was to suggest decriminalization…because of the way laws are applied, which has not worked. We have executed them for decades and it’s got the prisons filled with lots of young individuals who sometimes come out shattered for having half an ounce… [W]e should approach it through education [and] health issues rather than an atrocious reaction… There is requirement for change in policy, but it has to start with debate and discussion… I think the whole approach has to be reviewed.” II. (Topic Justification): according to the new study, the college students in USA are using Marijuana on daily basis. the researchers said, A. “In 2014, 5.9 percent of college students said they smoked marijuana 20 or more times in the previous month. That 's up from 3.5 percent in 2007, and is the highest rate of near-daily use reported
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