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Week 5: Case Study PROJ 587 – Advanced Program Management Part 1 Executive Summary A medium-sized firm Clean fabrics Inc in United States has increased the company’s revenues strategically about $350 million dollars per year. The company struggles to meet the objectives of expanding the company along with the cost control. The vision of the company is to provide the right choice to the clients and supplying the support services for the cruise ship industry in the different parts of the world operating in the areas of hotel and travel. The services are supplied to major hotel chains and cruises including linen services in the south east area of United States. Comparatively, the cruise ship industry provides the company with an…show more content…
The project team can also use the technique of calculating the rate of return using the investment value of the project wherein the increase in the rate of return indicates for the growth of the organization. Along with the Benefit Measurement Method, Constrained optimization method can also be used which involves mathematical approach. Since this method involves the mathematical approach, several calculations are performed in order to take a decision to accept or reject the project. “Mathematical models, also known as Constrained Optimization Methods, are a category of project selection methods, which is a tool and technique of the Develop Project Charter process” (PMP, 2008). Cost-benefit analysis is one of the methods which fall into this category. All the positives and negatives of the project are taken into consideration and then the negatives are carefully excluded from the benefits. Different results are produced for the different projects. The most worthy and financially rewarding option are selected from these results. When employing this method, there are many things that are to be considered such as the impact of the decision on the development of the organization in the future, the length of time the equipment lasts and whether it is possible to do the cost control during the project. Application of portfolio process The Constrained optimization method can be

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