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Week 4: Course Project Rough Draft – Sony Corporation
Group E:
Russell Stout
Carl Smith
Joshua Roberts
Denise Estrada
Ashel Chingaya
Keller Graduate School of Management
PROJ587 – Advanced Program Management
Professor: Dr. Janet Durgin
March 28, 2013

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Week 4: Course Project Rough Draft – Sony Corporation Group E: 3 Portfolio Management Plan 3 Organization Strategic Plan 3 Sony Mission 3 Organization’s strategic capacity plan 4 Flow chart of Portfolio Process 9 Outline of Project Selection Criteria 9 Program Management Plan 11 Works Cited 13 Extra Research to be included in paper or discarded 14

Week 4: Course Project Rough Draft – Sony Corporation
Group E:
Portfolio Management Plan
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Portfolio Management Process
In order for the adoption of a portfolio management process (which would be new to this unit) to be successful, the following steps must be followed under the guidance of the portfolio management, and in collaboration with the individual project managers and PMO: * Transition from the existing pure-functional organizational structure to a matrix-style structure by which key functional executives, comprising a newly formed portfolio process committee, would be directly responsible for making portfolio-management decisions; * Identification of the strategic goals of both the SBU and the parent company, Sony, and reevaluating goals as the market or technologies shift, or as Sony adjusts its corporate strategies; * Adoption of appropriate methods and mechanics (i.e. strategic road map, target resource split, strategic buckets) for aligning these strategic goals with the project portfolio; * Management of the portfolio by means of a set of selection criteria for proposed projects, as well as reallocating, reprioritizing, and/or rescheduling current projects at various phases of the pipeline, (thus the portfolio and project management processes become interconnected, and the portfolio is constantly reevaluated).

As the portfolio management process aims to preserve existing functional departments and minimize impact on the flow of existing operations, we recommend a transition to a

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