Proj420 Jc Gear Case Study

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PROJ420 – Project Risk Management
JC Gear Case Study

Risk: A Case Study: "Risk Options: The Automated Production Control System Case"
The following short case will give you a good idea of how risks surface in business and project planning and what companies do about it. Consider that you are the Risk Manager as you look at this case, as it will be a good exercise for the time when you will be that Risk Manager!
The JC Gear Company has decided to initiate a project aimed at automating its production planning and control system. Among the options, the company focuses on two alternatives: (1) purchasing the most suitable system off of the shelf and modifying it according to its individual production needs; or (2) developing a system
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To get a better handle on the options and the risks associated with them, the company estimates the severity of each event and calculates the level of risk (based on severity of the event and the probability of occurrence). The events are then ranked with those exhibiting the highest risks placed at the top of the list. Next, the source of high-risk events is investigated.
Due to the nature of its business, the company looks for technological risks generated by one or more of the following factors:
• Unproven technology;
• System complexity;
• Integration requirements;
• Physical or chemical properties;
• Modeling assumptions;
• Interfacing with other systems;
• Interfacing with operators, service personnel, and others; and the
• Operating environment.
The risk-management plan then starts by identifying each of these sources, their magnitude, their relation to the various design stages, and their possible effects on cost, schedule, quality, and performance. The next step is to look for modifications or alternatives that would permit risk reduction. The thoughtful selection of computer language or operating system may reduce some of the integration risks. If management decides to develop a new software package, contingency plans that cut expenses and development time at the cost of lower performance should be prepared. These plans are used in case the undesired event takes place. By preparing a contingency plan in advance, time is

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