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Course Project: Week 3
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Congratulations! You have just completed the project charter, scope statement and WBS. Now that you know what needs to be done, as the Project Manager, you are now ready to begin planning your project.
This week, you will have two deliverables to complete for the project. * Using MS Project, create a project schedule and align resources – 35 points * Analyze project schedule & resource allocation – 2 essay questions – 40 points
Please provide these two deliverables (MS Project file, and MS Word document) to the Week 3 Drop Box.
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4. Set up the default task type
Once you have set the defaults, type the Task Names from the HUNTSVILLE PLANT TASK LIST in the column Task Name in MS Project. * Enter the task durations in the Duration Column. * Enter the predecessor(s) for each task in the Predecessors column. If there is no duration or predecessor listed, leave the column blank. Note: If you do not see the Predecessors Column, move the vertical line between the Entry Form and the Gantt Chart to the right to reveal the column. Click on the line and drag to move it. Columns can be expanded or contracted individually to accommodate information the same way column width is adjusted in MS Excel.
5. Create a "Summary" Task

Once you have entered the Task Names, Durations, and Predecessors follow these procedures to create your levels for your summary tasks. * Click on the Task tab if it is not already active on the toolbar * Click on the task PLANNING PHASE and select all tasks down to and including "Begin Distribution." * Click on the Right Indent arrow under the Schedule section of the Task tab. The right indent arrow is about one third of the way along the toolbar below the short blue bar labeled 25%. All tasks should now be right indented to your high level HUNTSVILLE PLANT PROJECT. There should be a small box with a + sign in front of the HUNTSVILE PLANT - PROJECT. * Click on the Select Architect task and highlight to and including the Obtain

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