Proj592 Course Project Part 1

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Course Project Part 1
“Consulting Service”
PROJ592 Project Cost & Schedule Control

Table of Contents Executive Summary/Proposal 3 Project Description 4 WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) 5 Capital Cost Estimates 6 Advanced Cost Estimating Technique 7 Cost Assumptions 9 Financial Analysis 10 Schedule 11

Executive Summary/Proposal
The Consulting Service Company will lean on its relationships that have been built in the project management industry to take full advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime. We are looking to break into an industry that is not accustomed to utilizing project management to manage their office activities. Law firms are a new industry in which the project management professionals are
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Our company will identify buy-in strategies and apply elements of project management showing ROI (return on investment) to get the law firm community on board, one lawyer at a time.

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) 1. Project Management: Starting a Consulting Business 2.1. Market Research 2.2.1. Seek Business Assistance and Training 2.2.2. Identify Initial Funding 2.2. Plan the Business 2.3.3. Write a Business Plan 2.3.4. Choose a Business Location 2.3. Determine the Legal Structure of the Business 2.4.5. Register a Business Name 2.4.6. Get a Tax Identification Number 2.4.7. Register for State and Local Taxes 2.4.8. Obtain Business Licenses and Permits 2.4. Finance Business 2.5.9. Identify Assets 2.5.10. Identify Expenses 2.5.11. Create Budget 2.5. Hire Employee 2.6.12. Advertising 2.6.13. Interviewing 2.6.14. Training 2.6. Identify Computer and Internet Services Providers 2.7.15. Select Operating System 2.7.16. Select Hardware 2.7.17. Select Software 2.7.18. Purchase Printer 2.7.19. Purchase Scanner 2.7.20. Test Computer and Connectivity 2.7. Marketing 2.8.21. Create/Design Website 2.8.22. Create IDs for Social Sites 2.8.23. Print Media 2.8. Office

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