Proj595 Course Project Part 1

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Building an Auqaponic Farm:
Construction & Operation

PROJ592 – Project Cost & Schedule Control
Course Project - Part 1

Executive Summary
With a minimal initial investment of $100,000 and a single acre of level ground, a self-sustaining aquaponics based growing operation can be established and become profitably within 6 months. Through continuous year round vegetable and fish production, this operation can conservatively generate $250,000 in annual revenue starting in the very first year. While the initial investment in materials and equipment is steep, the output of this system rapidly accelerates to full potential and costs very little to maintain on an annual basis. The versatility of this system allows for the
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Install temperature controls system in main building 2.4. Hydroponics System Construction 2.5.19. Construct three 6ft wide x 60ft long x 1ft deep hydro troughs inside of each green house 2.5.20. Line, seal and level for gravity drain each hydro trough 2.5.21. Install supply and return header plumbing internal / external to greenhouses 2.5.22. Create Styrofoam floating rafts 2.5.23. Install supply header pumping stations 2.5. Aquaculture System Construction 2.6.24. Install fish tanks 2.6.25. Install mechanical and bio filter systems and complete all plumbing 2.6.26. Fill, test and balance flow of complete fluid system 2.6. Initial startup Operations 2.7.27. Add fish to each tank 2.7.28. Seed raft per day in each trough 2.7.29. Harvest and package 1 raft per day per trough 2.7.30. Monitor water quality and flow
Cost Estimate
Site Development - $9,930 * Clear minimum of 2 acre lot - $680 (8hrs @ @$85/hr) * Utilities to site – Water $300, Power $450 * Design install and test septic system - $8500 ($2500 design / permitting $6000 install)
Purchase Equipment & Services - $69,765 * Site excavation and leveling services - $500 ($200 survey / $300 leveling) * Buy 6 green house kits, delivery & install service - $30,000 ($5,000 each) * Buy insulated metal building,

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