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Project 2 CCJS 321 – Digital Forensics | Name Date of submission: FEB 14, 2016 | Project 2 - CCJS 321 Digital Forensics For the purpose of this Project, you are still the InfoSec Specialist for the Makestuff Company. Consider this project a continuation of the work you performed in Project 1. With the scenario in mind, thoroughly answer the following questions (in paragraph format, properly citing outside research, where appropriate): 1. What permissions/authorities should you have before you search Mr. Yourprop’s former Company work area, and how would you document that authority? As the InfoSec Specialist, you wouldn’t be looking for a search warrant before going into his work area. “It is important to note that…show more content…
The three items that I would collect would be the external hard drive, the laptop, and the USB thumb drive. It’s important to remember that you ”must use caution when collecting, packaging, or storing digital devices to avoid altering, damaging, or destroying the digital evidence. Avoid using any tools or materials that may produce or emit static electricity or a magnetic field as these may damage or destroy the evidence” (Mukasey, 2008). The first item that I would collect as digital evidence would be the external hard drive. It may contain all types of evidence such as: files, logs, pictures, recordings, or even video logs. Before collecting it as evidence I would take pictures of the hard drive, making sure to get the manufacturer and serial numbers, and then document it. Once complete, I would seal it in an anti-static bag and label that as well. The second item that I would collect would be the laptop. This could have all of the same type of information that the hard drive has and also may contain copies, pictures, or the source code itself from “Product X.” The laptop may show whether or not he was sharing files or trade secrets with outside sources, or even if he were attempting to crack passwords so as to get into systems that weren’t available to

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