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Renee Jones 12/12/2012 HRM 587 As I was thinking about the two companies that I wanted to do for my course project on, I began to research companies on the internet and I ran across the merger between United and Continental airlines. The reason that I choose to do the merger is because I knew that they were going to go through many changes within this merger. Both airline companies have a lot to offer to each other with this merger that they can compete with Delta airlines one of the largest airline in the world. This merger will bring about several changes within both companies. In this paper I will be providing the different changes between both companies with the merger including the culture, systems and unions. Since they…show more content…
The reservation agents at United are a having a difficult time with Continentals system although they have gone through an excessive amount of training for the system they are still having a hard time mastering it. ("United airlines issues," 2012) The last change is the differences in the unions. Both airlines have different unions for their employees. United pilots are under ALFA, flight attendants are under AFA, maintenance is under IBT, mechanics are under IBT, ramp is under IAM, dispatcher are under PAFCA, engineers are under IFPTE, pubic contract employee are under IAM. Continental pilots are under ALFA, flight attendants are under IAM, maintenance is under IBT, and ramp is under IBT. As you can see some of the unions are the same for both airlines, however the pilots have reached an agreement and both under the ALFA union. They are working on the other unions contracts. ("united-continental-pilots-ok-joint-union-contract," 2012) Two Companies 3 United airlines are known for building a sustainable future for its customers. They have over 47,000 employees and operate the most huge track network of any airline in history. They services 1,071 destinations and flew to 170 countries international. They’re working on building a working culture that their employees will enjoy and love coming to work. United is committed to leading the global airline industry by

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