Project About the Shortstory "The Storyteller" by Hecto- Hugh Monru

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Plot: In the story “The Storyteller” by Saki, an aunt, her two nieces and one nephew are on a train in a cabin with a bachelor. The children are very hyper and loud. To try and get the children to settle down, the aunt decided to tell a story. The story is about a girl who was always good. She was perfect in every aspect of her life but one day she was in trouble and was saved by her classmates because they admired her outstanding moral character. She lived happily and was liked by everybody. But this story did not keep the children preoccupied for long because they thought the story was dull and boring. The bachelor then steps in and says that he can tell a story that the children will love. His story starts out the same as the aunts by…show more content…
This symbolizes the primary theme of the story – that being exceptional can attract both, negative and positive fortune. The pigs represent the ideal of moderation, which is why they are able to escsape the danger of the wolf. The Wolf: The wolf simply represents misfortune. Its role in the story is to accept the understandings of moral justice, and it does this through the devouring of the good girl. Had Bertha not be exceptionally good, the wolf would have eaten one of the pigs. But because something exceptional caught his attention those that were moderate (the pigs) were not eaten. The wolf, just like the girl and the pigs, is an embodiment of an ideal. Saki presents a view of the world – that exceptional virtue is not always rewarded exceptionally. Narrative techniques: The story is written in the third-person/omniscient. Discussion Questions: 1. Discuss about a time where you were told a story in order to learn a moral. Who told you the story? What was the story about and what was its lesson? 2. Do you think that the bachelor’s behavior was appropriate, or should he have told the children a less brutal story? Discuss the answer with your classmates. 3. “The Storyteller” shows the author’s feelings about how entertainment can be used to teach a lesson. Do you agree or disagree with the idea that entertainment helps people to learn? Quiz Question: 1. After the aunt finishes her story, what is the bachelor’s behavior? What is the

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