Essay on Project Activities And Sequencing Scenario

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Smartphones for Upper Management Our company currently provides the executives with internet-enabled smartphones, however, in order to save money we have decided to expand the smartphone program to all employees who currently have a company cell phone and laptop. It should be noted that 100 employees currently have a both a company laptop and cell phone, while 15 have neither and 10 senior managers expect to be the priority recipients of the new smartphones. Granted that the savings are long term, the funding will be approved for the upgrades. Project Scope The project scope for this particular scenario is to determine the project deadline and how long it will actually take to upgrade the senior managers, 100…show more content…
In order to do this, the company has decided to expand the smartphone and laptop program to all of those who currently have both as well 15 additional employees who previously did not have this capability. The purpose of the WBS worksheet was to identify the work that needs to be done, while also identifying the types of resources required to meet the demands of the project at hand. Moreover, we must develop estimates for each one of the work elements associated with the WBS and identify the storage locations. While the WBS worksheet addresses many key areas, who specifically performs the work and when it will be completed will not be Work ID Name Description Include (Completion Criteria) Customer Complexity Estimated Effort Skill Required 1.0 Worker 1.0 Programmer 30% N/A 7 100% 9 1.1 Worker 1.1 Installer 10% N/A 5 90% 7 1.1.1 Worker 1.1.1 Tester 20% N/A 3 80% 5 1.1.2 Worker 1.1.2 Assessor 60% N/A 2 70% 4 WBS

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