Project Activities And Sequencing Scenarios

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Project Activities and Sequencing Scenarios Heather S. Wenick CPMGT/301 November 30, 2015 Joseph Broberg Project and Activities Sequencing Scenarios At the for profit college, the upper management is experiencing an issue with their employee’s morale. Because there are government regulations that do not allow for traditional sales bonuses be given to employees, they need to find a way to offer their employees, who do everything they can to get as many enrollments as possible (just like any other sales company), go without any type of incentive program. This paper will outline the project that upper management and executives have decided to use for an incentive program. This will help improve employee morale, enrollment and profit for the organization. Scope of the Project During the past few months the overall moral among the enrollment staff has declined, with the support of the Senior Management team a new incentive program will be launched. The incentive program will be comprised of company issued smart phones, discounted rates for a gym membership, and a reduced tuition program. These products and services will raise the level of eagerness amongst the enrollment staff. The tuition reduction program will have three different levels one for each level of degree the employee is seeking, with different percentages available for the number of students they have enrolled. The school will help employees find a program that would be suited for them to make this

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