Project Analysis : Enterprise Platform Applications

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Enterprise Platform Applications are thought of as technologies that define the world. They are technologies that are designed to handle the millions that live by them. And as millions go, the population of the world has witnessed a constant rise almost exponentially every decade. Each decade comes across a hoard of innovators who stimulate a movement and effectively exploit the internet and everything connected to it. As such moves are deemed to target growth, growth itself comes with a set of consequences. These consequences do not necessarily negate the growth, but in fact challenge the enterprise as a whole.
Off the many obstructions that an enterprise faces, the one that is of major concern is scalability. The humongous surge in the number of users has demanded for better utilities and upgrades. Enterprises had to inculcate scalability as a part of their vision, and those that did saved their fall. Such enterprises that dealt with scalability and had built in resources and requirements to do so have paved the way for startups and entrepreneurs.
This paper deals with two such enterprises that had the built-in resources to face scalability and also compares the technologies that they used to scale their business. Applications and systems have adapted and accommodated for the traffic of the millions in the heat of the moment, the moment being Cloud and its nuances.
Sql being a dominant technology over the past few decades has literally constructed the way
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